Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Weekend in Welly

I went out last weekend to the city .. went to cuba street first to have lunch.. I took these photos on the way to the little Malaysian restaurant called "Satay Kingdom". I was so hungry at that time I didn't even stop to take these photos.. I just shoot them while still walking. Hence slight focusing and framing problems.

After that , I went to Manners mall to meet with Theo.. and we had some great fun playing arcade racing games there. Took these photos on the way to Manners mall on Manners street.
I like the way how the sun is in backlit. I just set my camera to widest zoom (18mm) and shoot it on waist level without looking through it. I love how it turns out.

Finally we went to Sweet Mother's Kitchen for some snack. Theo ordered me this crazy chili beer in which there's a giant chili floating.. super spicy.. i cant take more than 2 sips.. but he seems to love it.
I just head home after that. Its not a really good day even though I had lots of fun playing games with him. My car was hit by a bus while it's parked on the street. Some concerned citizen wrote a note about the time and bus number and placed on my wiper but I cant do much as he didn't leave his number. So I cant count him as a legal witness I believe. Dang.. I hate wellington drivers.. I would never buy a real good car here.

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