Saturday, June 23, 2007

The EF-S 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 II aka Kit Lens

Today I am really bored. The reason, I sold my 400D body to replaced with EOS 30D. Well it's only arriving next week. I know what I've said earlier about the 30D and 5D but I got a really good price to upgrade. I was about to buy BG-E3 grip for my Canon for $200 but for just another $250, I could get EOS 30D and then I decided to get it.
So, it's back to those boring and lazy weekends I always had in Wellington. Just laid back and listening music.
Ok ok, enough of my boring weekend life here..
But here's my thought on the kit lens I always thought of it as a POS.
Even after many shots with my trusty EF 50mm f1.8 and newer EF50mm f1.4, I always had to use my Kit lens for wide angle shots and lately, Macro shots (combined with cheap NZD60 +2,+4 close-up filters).
It usually gave me uninspiring soft and dark images but when it's used properly, it has plenty of potential for a cheapie lens.
To prove that, both of my photos that got into Flickr explore are shot with this cheapie lens.

Me and the Droplets 1

lighthouse and seagull

It's pretty sharp and constrasty as long as you shoot above f8 and with plenty of light or with strobes. Not bad for a sub $100 lens. I also starting to enjoy it's light weight so that I can carry anywhere in my back-pack and I dont even have to worry too much about spoiling it.

For this reasons, I'll hold back my priority to replace it with a fast f2.8 standard zoom lens. Contenders are either Sigma 24-70 or Tamron 17-50 f2.8 or similar. But I will focus on getting my strobe setup more complete and portable.

Probably getting a super-clamp and a tripod and also umbrella and light-stand soon.
The good lighting is better than good glass in all situation. And lighting is generally cheaper to get. With ST-E2 and 2 or more of 430ex / 580ex (with the help of super-clamps) will give me total portability and flexibility on my strobe setup.

Just my lazy weekend thoughts.. :)

Note: All prices I mentioned are in NZ$.

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