Friday, August 10, 2007

Lunch at Sweet Mother's Kitchen

Okay.. I'll try to post something out of my mundane regular life. We went out to this great Mexican restaurant in town "Sweet Mother's Kitchen" last Wednesday. They serve really good authentic Mexican food. (We as in bunch of colleagues from Layout department. )

For some reason, Pete running back from the parking meter.

The inside of Sweet Mother's Kitchen ..

It's such a lovely day in Welly.. We had a table outside the restaurant.. It's nice but Wellington sun can be really burning.. Thanks to the Ozone hole above Antarctica, New Zealand have really high skin cancer rate. But some dudes are throwing Rugby on the street . You can also see part of the giant camera monster sculpture made by Weta Workshop in dedication to Wellington's Film heritage and industry.

As usual, Pete ordered lots of stuffs for Lunch. He's a vegetarian and he work out hard twice a day so its not much of a problem to keep fit.

On the way back.. on Courtney place..

We bought some chocolates too.. Woot.. They are really good..

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