Sunday, July 8, 2007

Welly in Winter

These days I didnt write any new post for my blog. Bad bad bad..
Trouble is that the weather in Wellington is pretty cold and rainy. I didnt take much photos these days. Well.. what have I been doing lately? Let me recall..
I went to Flickr Wellington Photographers meeting at Southern Cross on Monday.. I was really nice to meet some fellow photographers from

Welly.. It was a lovely evening..
And there was a fashion & hair show is going on.. and I took the chance to take a few shots.. Here is the outcome.. you can find more on my Flickr site here.
I was not totally happy with the results as the lighting was pretty dim and I was a little distracted due to the crowd. Not sure I can work in real even kinda photography situation.

Today though, I drove out to the city to pick up a camera bag for my growing photo equipments. I chose Lowepro Slingshot 200 for its versatility and anonymity ( not screaming as a photo bag). Its pretty compact and it has rain cover and all.
Sorry about the quality of the pics as its shot in my dim room with my Nokia N80 :).

Well.. for those interested .. Here it is .. And my current stuffs.
Click on the photo to read the details in Flickr.

My gears

Quite a bit eh? I made myself a promise that I wont buy anything extra for my photography for a few months .. except essential items like cleaning kit etc.

Well.. Thats it for now. I'll write tomorrow about my photo-shoot this evening with the Rainbow.

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