Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Winter in Welly

I feel bad that I haven't write anything here for a week .. I was just busy with a project at home...
Nonetheless .. I've been regularly taking photos..
Last a few days ago .. I stumbled upon this guy's photo blog and feel inspired by his candid/street /journalism look. He was shooting mainly in film .. range finders to be exact.. I like how the color and mood turned out in his photos.. He's only 18 and have such talent..
So.. I went out to city last weekend and took a few photos.. these are here..
Please click on to see larger version..

Shots of a busker on Cuba street.. He was singing Floyd and some rock tunes.. He has a good raspy rock vocal..

on the way back .. I found this guy painting graffiti on the wall .. And its interesting sight you wont be able to find in Singapore..

The next day, I went to hang out in the city with Theo.. stroll along Willis street and later went to Queens wharf for a drink.. There was this British Royal Navy frigate HMS Monmouth was docked there.. Its a massive vessel.. But i left my Wide lens at home so couldn't take full pic of it. But I am not so keen on that subject anyway.. Coming from Myanmar, I think I am scarred to life about Military..

A pub on Willis Street. I love the trees in Winter.. with their bare branches and yellowish leaves..

You can see the British Flag.

The chopper on the frigate HMS Monmouth.


We had a glass of wine at Water front in a sunny winter afternoon.. And its great!! .. Cheers.. :)

I am growing to love more B&W city life images.. I think I'll take more of them..
Please visit my Flickr site for more photos and feel free to leave comments..

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George said...

the link you provided to that guys photos blog, that inspired this latest post is pretty impressive. he's going to school to study it full time next. cool kid.

btw, I noticed there's a slight vignetting in your latest images which is very attractive.

keep up the good work, my fellow Burmese photographer!