Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pool , Beer and Basketball

Me and theo went to Southern Cross yesterday.. Its a nice bar in welly .. the same one we had Flickr Wellington group meeting..
We went there because we thought there's a live band playing .. I checked this stupid site and it said theres one playing.. But its not.. Ended up we play some pool and came back.. But its a fun night out though..
Here's some photos I took ..

If you wonder .. I lost all the game to him.. hehe..

Today .. I took some photos of my colleagues playing basketball in the parking lot.

Tonight though.. I went out for dinner. And saw these guys playing at Sandwiches.. So just went in, had a beer and listened a few songs.. I couldn't take much photos as the lighting in sandwiched is really bad .. Very dim and just 2 dimly lit spots on the stage.. Results?? disastrous..

Hope to take some nice gig pictures soon.. Got to find a nice bar in Welly with good band and stage. Any idea?

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