Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wellington Sunday

Last Sunday, I just drove out to the city to have lunch but stopped at the bay to take some of the photos here. All are taken with my Sigma 10-20 mm f4-5.6 EX DC. I have to use more of this lens.I was very surprised and happy when I got good comments on this photo in my Flickr from Alonsodr . He makes amazing landscape photos and he uses the same Sigma 10-20mm EX DC lens.. It's also one of the reason for me to grab this lens in the first place.

It's at Newtown.. I was there to get Thai Food but the shop is still closed .. So I snapped this photo of the dairy/flower shop next to Thai take-away shop.


SuN said...

refreshing and Lovely

I want to see something like "Coffee shop". May I request that theme?

You are a talented photographer!!

Maung Maung Hla Win said...

Thanks for the comment .. in fact , i already shot some cafes in wellington.. pls check my Flickr gallery.

Tun Myo Hlaing said...

Wow..nice photos again. I really like the second one, the color and the view there is just great. The colors in all of your photos is kind of monotonous. May I ask if you used LR to change the color or it's the original results?

Maung Maung Hla Win said...

thanks TMH, I did color grading in LR .. technically, all my photos are graded in LR, cos I shoot RAW.. imported into LR and process it.. then exported as JPG. cheers..