Friday, November 14, 2008

one night in the ocean

back when i was in vietnam.. this september..

i went to ha long bay.. and bought ocean resort tour .. a tiny private resort island stay in ha long bay..
it was fine for the first day.. but the storm came in.. a big typhoon..
the ocean is swelling with waves.. all the ships are anchored.. cant do anything.. stuck on the island.. for 2 more nite..
me, my cousin and this nice french couples.. who also happens to be artists.. we drink and we chat..

the third day, i couldnt take it anymore.. i have a flight to catch in Hanoi back to singapore via bangkok.. so i demand the tour company to find ways to make my way back hanoi..

they asked me to board on a small boat.. which is rocking crazy even when its docked in the wharf.. so i told them, i need a bigger boat..

after much arguments ( * this is me), they got us a fishing boat..
its cool.. and its very fast.. and we are on the way back..

its one of the experience i will nv forget in my life..

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